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Board & Leadership

At Touchmark, our strength stems from talented and dedicated people, who blend their gifts to create Touchmark communities and bring to life the Touchmark lifestyle.
Werner Nistler Meet the visionary individuals who work together and lead Touchmark. Collectively, they hold more than 350 years of industry experience.
* - indicates member of the board of directors
Werner G. Nistler Jr. *
Founder and CEO
Jeff Bair Jeff Bair *
Executive Director, Touchmark on South Hill
William V. Belanger William V. Belanger *
Senior Vice President, Midwestern and Canadian Regional Director
Thomas L. Biel Thomas L. Biel *
Executive Vice President
Joseph A. Billig Joseph A. Billig *
Vice President, Architecture
Stephen P. Black Stephen P. Black
Vice President, Human Resources
Marcus P. Breuer Marcus P. Breuer *
Chief Financial Officer
Marge A. Coalman, EdD Marge A. Coalman, EdD
Vice President, Wellness & Programs
Bret J. Cope Bret J. Cope
Vice President, Business Development, Touchmark
Melissa E. Claussen Melissa E. Claussen
Vice President, Marketing, Touchmark
Steve Ferrarini Steve Ferrarini
Vice President, Sales
Thomas J. Moe Thomas J. Moe *
President, Touchmark
Bernie L. Neil Bernie L. Neil *
Executive Vice President
Colleen T. Nistler Colleen T. Nistler *
Corporate Secretary
Steve W. Nistler Steve W. Nistler *
Vice President, Business Development
Brian E. Pryor Brian E. Pryor *
Director and Executive Vice President
Thomas G. Spelman Thomas G. Spelman
Vice President, Corporate Treasurer
Tucker Fife Tucker Fife
Vice President Controller, Touchmark Development and Contruction
Richard M. Wessell Richard M. Wessell
Senior Vice President, Director of Construction, Touchmark Development and Construction Company
J. Jeffrey Wolpert J. Jeffrey Wolpert *
Health Services Administrator, Touchmark on South Hill
Don H. Foss Don H. Foss
Vice President, Investor Relations
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